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NGS can supply all reputable air conditioning brands, choosing from among the best products to suit your budget and your personal needs. We don’t peddle a particular brand. Rather, we seek to deliver the best air con solution for your home.

stock4[1]When selecting the right product, it’s important for you to consider such factors as the air conditioning unit’s size, noise levels, location, airflow zones and other features. For example, if you choose an air con unit with an improved filter or germicidal lamp, such a product will clean and sterilise the air throughout your home, protecting everyone from children to the elderly to anyone living with asthma or other breathing difficulties.

The Flanders® NaturalAire Filter

As one of the products we carry in our inventory, the Flanders® NaturalAire filter has the Asthma Foundation seal of approval and will remove everything from pollen and dust to pet dander, mould, bacteria and virus carriers. By removing these allergens from the air, your whole family is sure to breathe easier.

Most people will spend so many hours researching air conditioning products. However, the only quality that you need to consider is which air con design and installation will bring you the most comfort to your home all year round, the best long-term performance andthe lowest running costs.

Germicidal Lamps

This hospital-grade lamp is guaranteed to kill 99.9 per cent of all bacteria in the air as it passes through the air conditioner. By installing one of these in a newly purchased air con, you can invest in your loved ones’ health and reduce the spread or airborne germs throughout the house.

Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Brands

NGS only recommends and delivers products from major manufacturers who can offer excellent warranty service and long-term support teams. Our company has enjoyed a long association with such impressive names as:


Experience True Comfort in your Home or Business

Contact our system designers today and see for yourself why NGS is the industry leader for air conditioning design and installation, as well as a provider of top-quality customer service and satisfaction.

For a free quote or on-site consultation about our energy-saving products, please call NGS today.


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