We’re proud to deliver a variety of finance packages to suit every customer’s needs, including zero interest, deferred payments and long-term low interest. Whether you’re looking for the comfort of an air conditioning unit or the energy bill savings of a solar power product, NGS is ready to help you make a smart investment that fits perfectly within your budget.


Easy Payment Options

Even if you’re ready to make the transition to a NGS product, we understand how much a burden even monthly payments can be for you. Fortunately, our system designers are trained and experienced at helping customers like you stretch out your financing just a little further. If it means helping you purchase and enjoy the best solution for your home or business, then we’ll make the effort to see it through.

Contact a sales consultant at NGS today to learn more about your different finance options. We’ll do everything possible to make financing your new air con or solar power system a simple and comfortable experience.

Experience True Comfort in your Home or Business

For a free quote or on-site consultation about our energy-saving products, please call NGS today.

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