Since 1991, NGS has been a leading specialist in air conditioning unit design and installation, offering quality work at homes and businesses across Sydney and Brisbane.

We employ a team of fully trained and accredited service technicians rather than rely on third-party contractors. Because we care about making the best installation possible in every home and commercial property, NGS offers continuous job training for every one of our service technicians, so that they’re up-to-date on the latest technologies and the best air con installation practices.

Making a Difference with NGS Installation

No matter how well-designed or high-quality your air conditioning unit may be, it will never deliver the best results if it’s been poorly installed. We believe that, no matter which brand or model of air conditioning you choose, what matters most is that your product is properly installed and fully functional.


To give you the best performance from your air con unit, the NGS team will offer you professional advice on every installation we perform. We’re so confident in every job, from installation to maintenance and repairs, that we offer 8-year warranty protection for every air conditioning unit. It is because of these high standards that NGS is a proud member of Master Builders Australia and Engineers Australia.

Contact our system designers today and see for yourself why NGS is the industry leader for air conditioning design and installation, as well as a provider of top-quality customer service and satisfaction.

Experience True Comfort in your Home or Business

For a free quote or on-site consultation about our energy-saving products, please call NGS today.


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