The Evolution of Solar Power


Solar power is now in the process of evolving from its traditional feed-in tariff and moving toward battery storage systems. Storage systems are available NOW and over the next few months, companies like Tesla, Enphase, and others will also be introducing batteries.

These systems will allow you to store any excess solar power generated during the day and then use this power after sunset or at times of grid failure. Don’t give away your generated power to the electricity companies.

We’re excited by these developments and consider it the next evolution for the solar industry. At last, our customers can truly achieve their goal of

being free from dependence on the power grid! Even existing systems can be converted to batteries and increasing the return from your Solar.

Meanwhile, inverter technology is changing from the old inverters which required protection from the weather to the latest micro inverters that will provide you with reports on performance and fault details, delivered straight to your smart phone or computer. Contact us if you would like to add batteries or monitoring to your Solar PV system.

Gazing Into the Solar Crystal Ball

In case you missed it, the hottest buzz in the solar industry today is focused on battery storage. Everyone is racing to take advantage of the existing government rebate so that they are prepared when these new batteries become available and economical. Because of that, many of our new customers are choosing to install solar systems with battery ready inverters.

Solar PV Recalls.

Here at NGS, we’re very careful about selecting only the best products available in the marketplace today. At the same time, we do work to provide a variety of inverter and solar panel products of differing quality and price ranges.

From time to time, we hear of solar companies that go out of business due to product recalls for safety or compliance reasons. As of this moment, we can assure our customers that all of the products we use utilise components made by only the most reliable supplier. A list of product recalls can be found at

If you know someone who bought elsewhere and believes that the product they bought may be under recall, let us know. We are always happy to inspect any installation to make sure that everyone in the community is safe and in complete compliance with all regulations. Just contact us or give us a call!

Solar for Commercial Sites: More Viable Than Ever!

As solar equipment prices have continued to fall, solar is now more economical for commercial locations than ever before. This is especially true as energy retailers continue to dramatically increase their rates for electricity.

Currently, the average price for power in commercial locations is anywhere from 18 to 33 cents/kWhr. NGS now offers “Zero” capital outlay that will provide solar power to any business for as low as 11 cents/kWhr – and instant savings of as much as 60%. There are no installation or maintenance costs for your business!

Please contact us to set up an obligation-free meeting with one of our system designers to inspect your power consumption. While we’re there, we’ll see what we can do to help reduce your expenses, while improving your business’ image through a reduction in your company’s carbon footprint.

Air Conditioning is Changing Too…

As further evidence that nothing ever stays the same, air conditioning technology has also evolved since 1991. Today’s systems are now as much as 70% more energy efficient, more durable, and quieter than their predecessors.

Throughout NGS history, a high percentage of our solar customers have also had their air conditioners installed by us. They’ve discovered that solar is a great way to enjoy luxury air conditioning without running up those electrical bills.

Experience True Comfort in your Home or Business

For a free quote or on-site consultation about our energy-saving products, please call NGS today.


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