Whether you choose a high-end brand like Actron, Fujitsu or Daikin or a standard air conditioning unit, you’re definitely making a significant investment in your home or business. However, much like taking your car into the auto shop will extend its lifespan, regular maintenance on your air conditioning is essential to keep it running strong for years to come.

stock12[1]NGS is proud to have a team of fully licensed and qualified service technicians who can perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your air con unit. We look for ways to keep your system running at peak performance and improve the overall heating and cooling in your home or workplace. By spending a little on expert maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your air con unit and reduce your overall power consumption.

How Air Con Maintenance Works

When you hire the NGS team to perform maintenance work on your air conditioning, you can be sure that we will perform every essential task to upgrade its performance.

We replace or clean every air filter and grille, as well as clean the indoor evaporator coil with a bio-degradable solution. Our technicians will also check the air fan and motors, as well as control operations, refrigeration systems and refrigerant pressures. Finally, because we care so much about our customers’ safety, we’ll report any signs of wiring faults and gas or water leaks, no matter how small they may be.

Contact our system designers today and see for yourself why NGS is the industry leader for air conditioning design and installation, as well as a provider of top-quality customer service and satisfaction.

Experience True Comfort in your Home or Business

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